Frequently Asked Questions

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Billing and Account Questions

  1. Will I Receive Billing Reminder Notifications?

    You will receive several emails before your account is billed.

    The emails are set to send out 30 days, 15 days, 10 days, and 1 day before your next charge.

    If you don't receive the emails or if you'd like to know your billing date, send support a message and we'll check for you.

  2. How do I update my billing information?

    Credit card out of date? Have no fear!

    Send us a message and we'll send you an update billing prompt from our payment processor.

  3. How do I cancel my membership?

    Our cancellation process is simple.

    Because we are all about relationships, the only way to cancel is to engage with us in conversation about why you want to cancel.

    If you are no longer interested in staying as a Copy Chief member, send us an email at [email protected].

    In your email, please write "Cancel" in the subject line. Then include a reason about why you're cancelling.

    From there, someone on our team will reach back out to complete the process for you and we'll part ways.

    That's it.

Copy Chief Community

  1. How do I get started how that I'm a member?

    Click here for the getting started thread with next steps.

  2. How can Copy Chief help me find clients quickly?

    There are several ways Copy chief can help you find new clientele quickly:

    1. Exclusive job postings.
      Business owners post their needs for copywriters and marketers in the forums. And unlike other groups, these are real, vetted jobs which treat copywriters well and pay good rates.

    2. Rubbing shoulders with other copywriters and entrepreneurs.

      The community is a mix of entrepreneurs and industry leaders, all of whom are either hiring or know someone hiring. Many of our members start receiving referrals from other members once they become more active and known to the group.

      The best way to network is by posting helpful content, commenting with your thoughts, and contributing helpful answers around the forum.

      There are no egos and no such things as "stupid questions" here. Everyone is here to learn from each other. Don't be shy.

      So, dig in because... Nobody Writes Alone.

    3. Progress Journals
      The forum contains progress journals where freelancers can discuss their current goals and progress. Often freelancers will give and receive advice on issues their peers face - pricing, mindset, time organization, tools, et cetera. This one-on-one feedback between members will speed up your professional growth and strengthen all your current marketing efforts.

    4. Skill enhancement.
      Kevin offers over a dozen on-demand trainings on everything from Copy-boarding (Joe Schriefer training) to web design which converts. Each can be completed at your own pace and include a video training from Kevin, a PDF download or checklist, plus a space for Kevin and the community to give you personalized feedback on your work.

    Have more questions? Send the Support Team a message.

  3. How is Copy Chief different from a Facebook group?

    Facebook is designed to be a playground, not a learning platform. The threads get buried fast, so you can easily miss a valuable post. And, unless it’s a high cost membership for small groups the threads go largely unmonitored. Unless you post a link to a page you’d like advice on – then you’re sure to have your post deleted as SPAM.

    Plus, c’mon it’s Facebook – their business model is you clicking on advertisers links. Distraction is not only built into the design… distraction IS the design.

    Copy Chief is designed specifically to combine the clean look of a training center with inspired discussion – all in one place — so it’s easy to follow.

  4. Is there a Guarantee included with my membership?

    If you're unhappy with your purchase, you're backed up by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Please note, this is only for new members. If you are a current member, more info below...

    I understand that this is a big investment, which is why I offer this guarantee...

    I am so sure (because I've seen it many times) that you can get real ROI on your investment within the first 30 days that I'm willing to personally walk you through your first 30 days to make it happen.

    Here's how my conditional guarantee works:

    1. Fill out your 3-step profile (which I'll send you)
    2. Watch one full training out of the 20+ trainings
    3. Reply to the private message from your Ambassador about how we can help you solve your #1 marketing problem right now.

    That's all I need to give you a custom path to getting immense value from Copy Chief. If you aren't convinced of the value after doing those three steps and implementing the advice I offer then I will refund you 100% with no hassle and no hard feelings.

    If you are a current member and you do not wish to stay a member after a year...

    Here's how the conditional guarantee works for you:

    1. If you were billed in the last 14 days, but do not wish to continue, write in and let us know at [email protected]
    2. Someone on our team will get back to you within 24 - 48 hours about how we'll proceed.

    If you do not request a cancellation or refund within 14 days after being charged, we cannot honor the request for a full refund. However, we will always present options that work for everyone.

  5. When is the next Chief Chat?

    Click here to see the upcoming schedule of trainings and Chief Chats. You'll be able to register there.

60 Second Sales Hook

  1. Where Can I Use the 60 Second Sales Hook?

    We're often asked, "Where can I use the 60 Second Sales Hook?"

    Here's what Kevin says,
    "I use mine on my About page: . Another great place is on a landing page for an opt-in offer. "

    Click here to view the 60SSH training.

Other Questions

  1. I'd like to write for / be featured on the Copy Chief blog or on one of the podcasts.

    Send your pitch and information to us by email ([email protected]). We'll forward your request to our Marketing Team and you will receive an update within 2-3 business days.
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